Print Books Can Coexist With eBooks

I got an email this week from Allison Morris, who helped to create the following infographic (which is funny considering I just posted something on my personal Facebook account about how I can’t assimilate information easily from infographics, and how it’s probably a function of me reading novels instead of graphics novels as a kid).  Allison and her crew at have done a good job with this one, though, and it highlights a point that I bring up a lot with children’s librarians who feel threatened by the use of digital media with kids: print and electronic books can co-exist, and print is still preferred by most people. Digital versions of books can be used as pedagogical, motivational and storytelling tools; they can be used for convenience sake while travelling; they can supplement paper books or allow interaction with the material in more dynamic ways that can support multiple learning styles.  eBooks are NOT going to kill treebooks, at least not for kids.  Not for a long while yet.

E-books Infographic


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