Little eLit on the ALSC Blog!

Check out this guest blog post I wrote for the ALSC Blog about a particularly hair-pulling conversation on the ALSC listserv. Every day I am more convinced that we need to launch some wide-scale training for children’s librarians so they know the hows, whys and whats of digital programming and services for kids in libraries. It’s our job now. Let’s talk about it, find or develop the resources we need, and get on the same page so that we can all begin offering services and content that is relevant to our communities in this digital age.


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  1. Cen, don’t be discouraged. Change comes hard to lots of folks. You have to understand that in many ways you – and a sadly, small number of librarians – are way, way, way ahead of the curve on the worth of digital content in programming for the very young in public libraries. Keep modeling and sharing your knowledge and chops through the blog; workshops; webinars and presentations. People will come along. Like many colleagues who push the envelope, you will be alone for awhile and then you will become a leader for the change you seek. Having gone through this cycle and watched colleagues go through it when they led the way, I know the change will come. Don’t be discouraged – stay positive; and keep being positive with those who can’t yet see the way forward. Buy-in is inevitable…some folks just don’t know it yet.

  2. Marge, you just made my day, and if you’re going to be at Midwinter, I’m buying you a drink!

  3. That conversation — and its other follow-up on the ALSC blog — made my eyes water and my teeth hurt. Complaining that you don’t like screens doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about them anymore, and claiming that because something doesn’t cite research, the research doesn’t exist, is to do violence to the entire scientific method. We’re glad to have folks like you trying to think intellegently about how to deal with the issues that digital devices raise for literacy.

  4. Thanks, Sam! I had to work hard to contain my snark and just offer up the resources. Luckily most people get where we’re going with this. For those that don’t…. well…. I’ll get ’em into one of my presentations or workshops eventually 🙂

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