Children’s Librarians Needed to Beta Test Promising New Kids eBook Platform!

Yesterday I met with Fang Chang, COO and Co-Founder of Bookboard, to discuss his new kids eBook distribution platform. I contacted him to discuss possibilities for libraries, and also to talk about my various digital storytelling exploits. He told me that they’re trying to get as much input as possible from parents, kids and educators during their beta testing period, but we both agreed that the people who know children’s books the best are children’s librarians!

I told Fang I’d get a bunch of other awesome children’s librarians (cuz we’re all awesome, right?!) to take a look at what they’re developing and email him with input; both good and bad. This is a great opportunity for children’s librarians to share their expertise in evaluating children’s media and services, and to speak directly with people who are creating new distribution models for children’s books.  Go check out what they’re doing (it’s free while they’re still in beta), read some of their books, and send an email to to let them know what they’re doing right, and what they can work on.

Read more about Bookboard at paidContentDigital Book World and ismashphone.

I downloaded the Bookboard app and read through a whole pile of their picture book offerings (they have about 300 books total now).  I was pleased to find many familiar storytime favourites in their collection, and I am going to try out Bookboard in my programs.  Here are some of the books they already have in their collection:








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