Final MVPL Pajama Jam until January

I did the last of my 3 Pajama Jam sessions last night at the Mountain View Public Library.  It was one of those programs that I wish I could erase and do over, but it was not the technology that got in my way of delivering a stellar early literacy program: it was my ability to focus the crowd.  There were some factors that I should have taken into account beforehand, like the fact that it’s a week after Halloween and we just put the clocks back, so all of the kids there were tired and wired. The fabulous Sharon McClintock was there to give me some pointers and help me not feel so bad after the program, and I’ve included her feedback below.  I’m trying not to feel like a complete failure as a storyteller and focus on what I can do better next time, though most of what I need to work on is NOT technology related. We had 48 in the audience.

What I did

Come and Follow Me (recorder)
Storytime Rules (Sit with your kids, Sing, turn off phones, save snacks til later)
Hello Song
Early literacy tip: print awareness: point out text to your kids where you see it!
Wiggle my fingers
Book: Shark in the Park
May there always be sunshine (Felt Board Slide/Lyrics)
Book: Wide Mouth Frog Pop-up
Book: Caps for Sale iBook
Book/Song: Down by the Station (from My Very First Mother Goose)
Sailing Song (recorder/ lyrics on Smoothie Felt Board/Keynote)
Book: Sleep Big Bear
Clap up high goodbye rhyme


  1. More interaction: more explicit instructions when introducing new song with image and lyrics; in “May there always be sunshine” make sure to take suggestions from the crowd for things to swap into the song; “Down by the Station” could have specific hand actions.
  2. Sit in a chair [I was moving around while telling my stories and it probably raised the energy of the kids in the room but I didn’t give them enough activities to do]
  3. The musical sections of the program could be more interactive and less performance-y [this is what I’m going to concentrate on most for the next session of Pajama Jam]
  4. Include 2 piles of “extra” books; one older, one younger, and swap out as needed. Drop the book altogether and direct the energy into movement, breathing etc
  5. Some pictures in “Sleep, Big Bear” too small for such a large audience
  6. “Caps for Sale” on the bright board was difficult to see [as reported by my mom, sitting at the back of the room]
  7. Tell adults who are talking to zip it (nicely)

What I used

Keynote App
HDMI Cable
Nexus S (for portable Wifi and Bluetooth)
Logitech Mini boombox
PopAdvisions Brightboard (42 inches-ish)


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