Tablet Tales Pilot #3: Cupertino Library

I drove past Apple HQ to get to storytime tonight. How cool is that?! I did a few newbie-storyteller goofs that I should have known better about; queue the activity song up right at the beginning so it doesn’t start 5 seconds in, and get a colleague to help pass out shakers to avoid being mobbed by four dozen 4 year olds.  The crowd was HUGE: 56 kids and 47 adults, but they were very good participants and were good sports about the fact that I was not their regular storyteller (Hi Judith!) Many thanks to all the Cupertino Library Children’s Librarians for coming to Tablet Tales and giving me supportive feedback.

I’ve only gotten 4 surveys back so far, but if more come in I will update the results.

What is the age of your child/children that attend storytime?

1-2 years: 1
2-3 years: 1
3-4 years: 2
4-5 years: 1
5 + years: 2

What are the best days/times to attend programs at the library?

  • After School
  • 7 PM
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays

What did you like best about this program?

  • Reading (that one was written by a child: What’s cool about this comment is that in this almost entirely digital storytime, she still understood that we were reading; not playing a game or watching a movie)
  • Visibility
  • When they were doing the story on the tablet my daughter got excited
  • Everyone can see clearly
  • Teacher
  • Use of technology

What did you like least about this program?

  • When you were doing head, shoulders knees and toes
  • I don’t like that the program is not available again
  • All good (this was written by a child: what tickles me is that we read Pete the Cat.  And Pete’s moral is: “No matter what you step in, just keep walking along, singing your song. Because it’s all good!” She totally got it!)
  • Less activities, less involvement, tradition

Would you like to see this program continue at your library?

  • Yes: 2
  • No: 2

Did you find it useful to learn about book-based apps and eBooks for young children?

  • Yes: 3
  • No: 1

Additional comments

  • Keep it print
  • Good job!
  • Have this program and TEACHER every week (I didn’t add the all caps- that’s what it says!  I swear!)
  • This program is useful, but my kids like the regular way of storytime.  You can do this monthly.  Once.

Lessons learned

  • It is so hard coming into a brand new community and doing a brand-new program (any change is hard!) It’s hard for the staff, parents, kids AND the interloper.  Trust the local librarians to understand the wants and needs of their community. Provide information and support if they seek it, and be grateful for their graciousness.
  • Mute the TV
  • Music gets people’s attention.  Play an instrument, sing or make a beat.  Technology will never replace the power of a person making a song.
  • Queue music
  • Have a plan for handing out shakers

What I did

Come and follow me (fife)
Hello song
Early literacy skill: Phonological Awareness
Wiggle my fingers
Book: Click Clack Moo
Book: Peas Porridge Hot (from Here Comes Mother Goose, pg 74)
Book: Pete the Cat (iBook)
Shake a little shaker
Movement song: Hot Potato
Balloon calm-down rhyme
Book: The Very Cranky Bear (app)
Head shoulders knees and toes
Book: Going to Bed Book (app)
Clap up high goodbye rhyme


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