First MVPL Pajama Jam!

We had 49 people total, which was a great turnout considering there was some kind of sporting event tonight (Don’t ask me what. Something that makes non-athletes get really worked up, drink beer and eat deep fried food. Or something.) and a presidential debate.

What I did

Come and Follow Me (Fife)
Storytime Rules (Sit with your kids, Sing, turn off phones, save snacks til later)
Hello Song
Early literacy skill: Phonological Awareness
Wiggle my fingers
Book: Click Clack Moo
I like to ride my horse
Flannel Board: Five green and speckled frogs (Smoothie Felt Board App)
Balloon calm-down rhyme
Book: Peas Porridge Hot (from Here Comes Mother Goose, pg 74)
Book: Dinosaur vs Bedtime
Flannel Board: Blue bird (Smoothie Felt Board App; image, then lyrics in Keynote)
Movement song: Hot Potato
Book: Five Little Chicks
Clap up high goodbye rhyme

What I learned

  1. I can use my phone as a portable hotspot to connect the AppleTV and the iPad even in a place where the Wifi never works and my phone rarely has reception.  Not only that, I can simultaneously pair it with Bluetooth speakers and have it play just fine.  The phone needs to be plugged in when doing either/both of those things though because it depletes the battery really quickly.
  2. I have to change the lenth of time that the iPad/AppleTV can be dormant before the screen saver pops up.  It’s distracting to have lovely pictures of grizzly bears floating across the screen when I’m trying to wow people with my mad dinosaur roaring skills.

What I used

Smoothie Felt Board App
Keynote App
HDMI Cable
Nexus S (for portable Wifi and Bluetooth)
Logitech Mini boombox
PopAdvisions Brightboard (42 inches-ish)


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  1. Ok, I am buying the felt board app to test out! Teaching a class to Early Childhood educators on Wed,. on using felt boards and storytelling, so this will be a great addition to the class (I hope). Now you just have to teach me how to project my iPad.

    • Is the class in person? If so, what kind of screen/projector will you have? You’ll need an AppleTV and come kind of cord- it will vary depending on your screen. If it’s a TV, HDMI. If it’s a projector, probably HDMI-VGA. Then you go “BA DA BOOM!” and magical things happen.

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