Tablet Tales Pilot #2

Last night was the second in my series of Tablet Tales pilot projects at the Santa Clara County Library District.  Once again I was working with the fabulous Jennifer Weeks at the Campbell Library. There were 14 kids and 12 adults, and 4 surveys were returned with the following results:

What is the age of your child/children that attend storytime?

1-2 years: 1
2-3 years: 0
3-4 years: 2
5 + years: 2

What are the best days/times to attend programs at the library?


What did you like best about this program?

  • The songs
  • Simple stories
  • I like the tablet story
  • Good Stories
  • Easy to see
  • Interaction with teacher for children

What did you like least about this program?

  • None
  • N/A

Would you like to see this program continue at your library?

  • Yes: 4
  • No: 0

Did you find it useful to learn about book-based apps and eBooks for young children?

  • Yes: 4
  • No: 0

Additional comments

  • It is better having a storytime where the book is on a large screen so everyone can see.

Lessons learned

You can’t do airplay/mirroring between the iPad and AppleTV, and pair the iPad with bluetooth speakers at the same time.  This came up because I wanted to turn off all sound from my apps and iBooks, but wanted to play an action song mid-program. Luckily I have about nineteen million devices and different ways to connect them to nineteen million other devices, and I had the choice of either using my Nexus S or New iPad (in addition to the iPad 2, which I was using with the AppleTV), both with the Spotify app, with the Mini Boom Box.  I realize I could have also just used the speakers on the TV, but I didn’t have the remote on me and I like doing things the hard way because it builds character.

Changes implemented based on last week’s survey results

  1. I did another Sandra Boynton app (The Going to Bed Book) without getting the kids to actually touch the iPad.  Other than one older child asking to touch, it worked much better this week.
  2. I used Smoothie Felt Board images saved to Keynote for 5 Green and Speckled Frogs (which I operated while Jennifer sang the words and did the hand motions); as well as for Bluebird and included just the lyrics in large type on the next slide (instead of notation).

Tablet Tales #2 (10/16/2012)
Theme: Animals
Walk in Music: Come and Follow me (Fife)
Opening Song: It’s time for storytime (welcome slide)
Storytime Introduction:
Fingerplay: Wiggle my fingers
Story: My heart is like a zoo (Book)
Story: Wild About Books (App)

  • Five little monkeys
  • Bears eat honey
  • Five green and speckled frogs (felt board)

Story: Bear’s Loose Tooth (iBook)

  • Boom chicka boom
  • I eat my peas with honey
  • Blue Bird (Felt Board App)

Action Music: Hot Potato (iPod)
Story: Animal Alphabet (App)
Story: Class two at the zoo or chickens to the rescue Jennifer
Story: Going to bed book (App)
Book: Dear Zoo
Goodbye Fingerplay: Clap up high (goodbye slide/list of resources)


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