Calling all Library Directors!

I’m trying to get as much experience as I can performing digital storytimes in public libraries and other educational institutions.  Would you like to see what all the fuss is about? Let’s talk!

Here’s an email I wrote to a library director recently who indicated she’d be interested in hosting a Tablet Tales program at her library:

Hello [Library Director],

I have been developing a digital storytime called Tablet Tales which incorporates iBooks and apps into a traditional storytime format. I use an AppleTV and either a monitor or projector to display the content from my iPad. I piloted my very first program last night and it was a resounding success (I am already incorporating customer feedback into my plans for next week’s program).

I’d like to get more experience presenting this program in different libraries and communities, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in hosting some of these programs in your library. I think a series of programs (maybe 6?) would work best; that would allow me to get a feel for the community and develop the program from one week to the next. Right now I’m offering the program as a family storytime, mostly in the evenings (this allows working parents to attend) but I’m open to discussing different time slots and days of the week. There were babies last night at the program, but generally I play it safe and stick with 2s and up in accordance with the more conservative AAP recommendations for young children and screen time. That said, I would never turn anyone away from a storytime, especially if a younger child is attending with an older child. The program is not entirely digital; that would be no fun. I am trying to use technology intelligently to support a child’s early literacy development, and I evaluate the digital materials the same way I evaluate analog materials: they have to support the development of the 6 early literacy skills.

I incorporate a lot of music into my programs, as well as props, chants and paper books, plus I’m experimenting with anything I can scan and project onto the screen through Keynote. If you have themes already in place I can work with that, or community-specific early literacy eccentricities, I’d be happy to work with your children’s staff to make my program fit with your current offerings.

If you’d like me to come and do a series of programs at your library, I’d need to know if you have your own techy set up, or if I’d have to arrange for my own. I have developed a digital storytelling collection with the Santa Clara County Library District, and I’d be happy to work with your staff to develop something similar for your library, and to train your staff in how to evaluate and use these resources.

My main goal is to gain more experience working with this technology in an early literacy program setting. Beyond that I am open to your ideas, input and suggestions. You are welcome to send a representative from your library to any of my upcoming programs to see what it’s all about. I plan to record some of my sessions for training purposes.

Thank you,

Cen Campbell


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