Frankfurters Are Where It’s At! (tee hee, hot dog joke)

Oh look! I found yet another awesome event that I should totally go to but I can’t because reality continually gets in my way.  The Frankfurt Book Fair  will be focusing on interactive media for children this year.  The Director of the Book Fair, Juergen Boos, says something I couldn’t agree with more: “Children’s and youth media are a prototype for what is happening in the publishing industry but also for what is happening at the moment socially.”  7,000 exhibitors will be showing off their innovations over 5 days.

“In order to keep up with the changing reading and learning habits of future generations, we need to constantly create new formats and develop and expand popular topics and trends,” Boos said.

He said around 1,500 publishers who deal exclusively with the children and youth market were due to attend the Frankfurt fair, describing the sector as a growth area.

That’s IT.  I need to start going to these events and chatting people up about the public library’s role in this brand new world of publishing.  This is an international, pedagogical and sociological phenomenon that deals directly with literacy. Libraries should be on the ground floor. How do we do that?

Anyone want to fund me to go, talk to people and put libraries squarely in the middle of this discussion?  ANYBODY?



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