#StoryAppChat: Ok, That was Fricking Awesome


Ask a Librarian with #StoryAppChat!

#StoryAppChat is a weekly twitter chat for kids book app developers. I participated for the first time tonight and hung out with some app developers, consultants, ALSC representatives, along with Gretchen Caserotti and Kiera Parrott, both of Darien Library  iPad awesomeness fame, and Carisa Kluver of Digital Storytime fame.  I had to leave early because my little guy tossed his cookies, but the biggest, most important, most awesome thing that I took away from this chat was that kids app developers want to get jiggy with libraries.  We talked about sponsoring a booth at ALA annual/midwinter to get the developers directly in contact with libraries.  I’m hoping to talk to the C&T committee about this at the next meeting and get a mechanism going for developer/library collaboration.

See the transcript here.


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