I Swear This Isn’t Political

I saw this posted on Facebook today.  Sorry for the low quality image.  I swear I’m not getting political with this (which might be terribly amusing for those of you who actually know me and my politics).  Look at the comments.  There are very different views about the value of Sesame Street.  Here’s some examples of the comments (all sic):

big bird must learn to fly on his own like a real bird. Barney doesnt get support from government and if PBS was to really shutdown it is not the end of Sesame street. you can go to any public library and they usually have plenty of Sesame street dvds

Last time I checked, most kids have parents. Those parents are perfectly capable of teaching their children the ABCs and 123s, there’s no need to cry about it. Why you wanna sit your kids down in front of a TV and pay them no attention? If its really that big of a deal, go buy some DVDs, pop em in and ignore your kids that way

PBS is sometimes the ONLY access to educational programs poor children have before they start school…NOT unnecessary.

Missing the point as usual, PBS haters – cable TV is out of the reach of some peoples’ budgets. PBS may be the only educational programming some kids get to see. Cut tax breaks to Big Oil instead and save the country billions…

Rmoney’s problem with educational TV is that it’s, well, educational. He knows that an educated electorate is not exactly the GOP base.

My opinion is there are other ways to cut the budget without hurting our children enough said….

It’s sad that we feel the need to use innocent children to further our ambitions.

no 8 year old would be able to understand that well or even watch the debate, i know this from experience cuz my little cousins would prefer pokemon over 2 guys debating lol

I love PBS.  It’s great. I think the government should give them money, and Romney was silly to have said anything about it at the debate.  That’s not what I found interesting .  What was interesting was the perceived value of this kind of media for children. There were 2 types of comments to this letter:  “hurting our children/using innocent children/only educational programming that poor kids get” vs “parents should teach kids to read themselves and/or get the dvds from another source (ie the library).”  Most of these people believe kids NEED Sesame Street for educational purposes, presumably as a preschool substitute or supplement.  I don’t believe that kids NEED Sesame Street, but if a kid’s going to watch TV, Sesame Street is probably the best choice for programming that we have.  Again, I grew up with Sesame Street and I think it’s great.  I learned all about near and far from Sesame Street. But it should only be one little part of a child’s literary education.  If these people are truly concerned about a child’s access to educational “things,” they should be squawking about how libraries and schools are horribly under-funded, not about  proposed cuts to television shows.  The “he wants to hurt our children” reaction is one that comes from an emotional place, and it’s a myopic view.

About the person who says kids don’t watch or understand the debate because his/her cousins would prefer Pokemen (logical fallacy much?):  I included that because that person’s a noob and obviously doesn’t know anything about children.

Kudos to the parent who gave Cecilia a pencil and paper and supported her right to express her opinion.


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