Little eLit Wants YOU!

Are you thinking about using iPads in your storytimes? Developing a kid’s app collection? Replacing your children’s computers with tablets? Have no idea but you have an iPad and you’re willing to try it out?  Let me know!  I want to help and I want to post your experiences with digital media for kids!

I get emails and comments from librarians all over the place telling me they’re hoping to launch digital programming for kids in their libraries.  I try to contact everyone personally to offer help and to ask if they’d like to write a guest blog post here on Little eLit. Most people say yes, and I hope to have a few of those posts up here soon.

iPads for kids in the library is a new phenomenon. Whether it’s a circulating iPad program, digital storytelling, iPads as OPACS, or anything else you can think of, your colleagues all over the world would benefit from hearing your experiences.  App reviews work too!  Comment below or find me on twitter @littleelit and we’ll work with what you have, even if you haven’t even started yet.  Call me maybe!


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