Digital to Analog Alphabet Book

Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet Book (made of paper!) started out as a blog-based art project.  I didn’t know that when I read it to my 3 year old for the first time tonight.  I just thought the retro-modern style was cool and reminded me of the art of Vault-Tec (only less apocalyptic).  It turns out that that Thurlby worked on this series, letter by letter, and garnered the attention of other illustration and art bloggers, until one day a literary agent saw his work online and contacted him. His work is now in the Tate Modern (one of my favourite places in the world).

We talk a lot about paper books being e-ified, either into ebooks or apps, but this one’s an example of a digital project going the way of the tree.  It is more of an art book, though, and I think is better appreciated by adults than children.  A for awesome, indeed!


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  1. I sure hope you’ll join us on Twitter this week – Wed. Oct. 3 9:00 pm eastern time – for #ECETechChat where we are going to discuss art, music and movement learning in the early years…. WITH technology. Come on over – we love this blog! Karen Nemeth

  2. Karen! Oh my GARSH that sounds like something RIGHT up my alley. Will try to be there.

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