Digital Storytelling Staff Demo

This morning I demonstrated an iStorytime at the Campbell Library for some of my colleagues.  It did not go completely smoothly, which is good, because it means that I can now make a checklist of things that I need to make it go smoothly next time.  What happened was the TV (it was a large Samsung HDTV thing; not sure of the make but will check back on that later) didn’t seem to register the AppleTV.  Turns out all I had to do was change the channel from within the input settings and it would have worked fine, except that the AppleTV was not able to connect to the library’s WiFi (no splash page to sign in on). So next time I need to make sure I have our MiFi with me. I ended up using our projector and a VGA adapter , which meant that I was tethered to the projector (tripping hazard), but given that there were no actual children in the room (it was a staff demo) it worked fine.

So in this no-tech library I would need to have the following technology for a wireless digital storytelling program on the Samsung TV:

iPad: Contains all content
MiFi: both the AppleTV and iPad have to be on the same network and our AppleTV had trouble connecting to the library’s wireless (could also use an ethernet cable)
HDMI cable: to connect the AppleTV to the TV (AppleTV doesn’t come with it, which I think is odd)
AppleTV: little black box that allows you to project content from the iPad onto screen/TV wirelessly

If I wanted to use the projector (on a book cart in the middle of the room: tripping hazard!) I’d need the following:

Projector (with VGA cable)
VGA adapter 

For music I used the iPad and a Logitech Mini Boombox, which is a teeny little bluetooth enabled speaker. I was a bit rushed, so I wasn’t able to sync both the iPad and my Nexus S with Spotify app. That meant a little more fumbling with the iPad (exit Keynote or  iBooks to get to music icon), but we grooved to Hot Potato anyway.


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