Digital Storytelling App: Very Cranky Bear

The Very Cranky Bear is a tree book staple at our house for bedtime reads, and I was jazzed to find out that Wheelbarrow had turned it into an app.  The app itself is mediocre; some of the interactivity is distracting (collecting character cards that pop out from random places, which accomplishes not much more than making my 2 year old poke the screen maniacally instead of reading the story).

BUT…. this app is great for digital storytelling.  I turn the sound off (the narrator does have a pleasing Aussie accent, but in storytime the librarian is the one telling the story) and read the app through without poking the screen.  There are a number of places where you have to wait for the text to appear, so you have to run through it a few times to get to know where those are.  There is a part that is a wee bit scary (think dark cave with a very cranky bear in it) but I think this would still work for preschoolers, family storytime or class visits.


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