Storytime Plans go Digital

Back when I was trained by the fabulous children’s librarians at the Stanislaus County Library to do storytimes in my branch library, I was handed a preschool storytime template by the incomparable Carol Blomquist. I have used this template in various forms ever since, with some modifications for class/school visits and younger ages groups. My challenge now is to take a traditional storytime format like this, and to use digital elements which enhance the program.  Part of my job will be to foresee possible technical snafus and make the process as easy as possible for the children’s librarians who wish to incorporate digital media into their ongoing storytime offerings.

I will be presenting programs in a number of different libraries in our system, so to make this pilot project successful I will have to  keep in mind the following factors (some of which are relevant even without the use of high tech gadgets):

  • age of the kids: preschool or family storytime
  • the size of the crowd: 10 kids or 100? the kinds of apps I choose will differ depending on the size of the crowd
  • lighting: can we see what’s projected onto the screen?
  • outlets: where will we plug in the projector?
  • music: can I just plug my ipod into the wall or are they still using CDs and a boom box?
  • space: is there room to wiggle?

I want to incorporate SOME digital media into the program, but I have to be very thoughtful about where and how.  There are a number of options (yay! more bullet points!):

  • book-based apps
  • ebooks (Axis 360, OverDrive, Ebsco are options, but picture books are few and far between and they’d have to be checked out for a finite period of time)
  • iBooks (expensive, yes, but as my manager points out, when you are able to sync the content among 5 devices, you’re basically getting 5 copies of the book)
  • scanned lyrics, rhymes, photos etc

I’m going to put together some Digital Storytime plans and post them on under the Digital Storytelling Toolkit and I’ll report back on how the implementation of these plans go.


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