App Review: Monster at the End of this Book

Monster at the End of this Book
Sesame Workshop Apps
Available from the iTunes store
for iPhone or iPad

I fell in love with this book when I was um . . . little. There was nothing quite like lovable, furry old Grover telling you to STOP TURNING PAGES and gleefully turning the pages anyway. So when I saw the free app card at Starbucks about a year ago I picked up two of them and trotted back to the library. I handed one to a friend who has a granddaughter the perfect age for this app and kept the second for myself. My kids are older (7,9 & 12 at the time) so the app was really for me and not them. I downloaded it right away  . . .  then decided not to look. I didn’t delete it but I didn’t want a fun childhood memory to be messed up (you know, like when the book gets screwed up by being made into a movie). I promptly forgot that it was there.

A couple months later my daughter dug up the book and read it to me. We had fun pretending the brick wall page was sooo heavy and laughed when we got to the end. After she was done I pulled out my phone. . .

You do not need me to tell you that this is a wonderfulaward winning app filled with wonderful eLit goodness. I was surprised at how my eyes were drawn to the words. Even though there were knots to touch and bricks to knock down the ebook held some of the same kind of magic. It made reading fun and interactive.

And you were so scared. I told you and told you there was nothing to be afraid of.


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