Apps to Download

It’s the beginning of the fiscal year!  Huzzah! That means I get an apps budget and I can start downloading. The goal is to create a storytime collection of apps for our system’s children’s librarians to use in their programs. There are some low-hanging-fruit apps that I want to download right away to have ready for the early adopters who want to start playing with their iPads immediately. At this point I’m still learning what apps would be good for storytimes, and for what kind of storytimes (large room? small room? older kids? younger kids? projector? no projector?), so to begin this process I’m going to stick with book-based apps.  I’m going to refer to the March/April Horn Book and look at everything that was mentioned in there, as well as apps that were mentioned in There’s an App for That.  I’ll also take a look at the Cybil’s 2011 book apps nominations. All that might take awhile.  The plan is to review each of them and incude storytelling tips or each app.


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