ALA Annual: There’s an App for that Session

There’s an App for That: Using Technology to Enhance Children’s Librarianship

I recently got back from ALA annual in Anaheim and I am :

A) sick from not sleeping enough and shaking so many hands;
B) overwhelmed with new ideas and information.

I went to one particularly interesting session with a panel of 4 upstart librarians from my new Children and Technology committee. Amy Graves (Children’s Librarian, Manchester City Library, NH), Gretchen Caserotti (Assistant Director for Public Services, Darien Library, CT), John Schumacher (School Library Director, Brook Forest Elementary School, IL) and Travis Jonker (Elementary Media Specialist, Wayland Union Schools, MI) all shared experiences and resources for using iPads in the library. Amy and Gretchen represented public libraries, John and Travis school libraries.

Here is the description from their presentation:

Apps are all the rage these days. As schools and public libraries are increasingly adopting mobile devices such as iPads and eReaders, librarians are looking for ways to use apps to enhance lesson plans and create “Storytimes 2.0.” In this presentation two school librarians and two public librarians will explain and demonstrate how they have successfully integrated apps into their library programs and services. This session will help you raise the bar for librarianship and learning at your own institution.

At the end of the presentation, someone in the audience asked how to deal with crotchety staff members who don’t think iPads/technology/apps should be used in the library at all (sadly, a very real-world question). Caserotti, in true rock star fashion, waved away the question and spoke very eloquently about how this technology is here; it’s been here for awhile and there’s no going back. We might as well get on board and learn all we can so that we can show our public how to find the good stuff, even if we aren’t all able to circulate pre-loaded Early Literacy iPads at our libraries. I’m trying to see if anyone caught her response on video.  It was pure gold.

Lots of great app recommendations (see slides from presentation); the best tidbit for me was APPitic, which is another awesome app review/directory site, but this one specializes in educational apps.

Slides for public library segment of the presentation are available here, and there’s a Google doc for the school library portion here.


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