Storyline Online

Storyline Online is an online streaming video program made  possible by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. They have produced a number of videos which feature famous people (and some not-so-famous… I don’t recognize all the names) reading books. Some of the books they include are A Bad Case of the Stripes, Harry the Dirty Dog and Stellaluna.  Some of the more famous actors they have reading are Amber Rose Tamblyn, Betty White and James Earl Jones.

Before the video opens you are asked to select your internet speed connection, but you can change the speed from within the “book” as well. You can turn captions on or off and select “full screen” option. There are some really good activities included with each book, and a downloadable activity sheet with information about further reading; author and actor biographies and related websites. This is a great resource for families and professional storytellers; some of the activities they propose could be done one-on-one with a child, and some with a whole room full of kids.

We watched Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White. I was half expecting her to swear or say something naughty, but she behaved herself admirably.


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