App Review: Construction Alphabet by Scott Adelman

Construction Alphabet
By Scott Adelman
$0.99 on iTunes, Amazon

As hard as I tried to keep his life free of gender stereotypes, my little boy loves “boy things.”  Trucks, trains, airplanes and cars are all fine and dandy, but what really floats my little guy’s boat are construction vehicles.  This $.99 app was so worth the money.

Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding construction vehicle. (A is for Aerial Lift! B is for Bulldozer! C is for Crane!)  The interface is simple; there are two large circles at the bottom corners of the screen, one of which makes the vehicle move horizontally, and the other makes the machine perform a function (dump truck dumps, jackhammer hammers etc).  Arrows at the top corners navigate to previous or subsequent vehicles.  When you tap the word, the narrator says the letter and what it stands for e.g.  “J is for Jackhammer.”

This app is great for developing print motivation skills because the content is so engaging for this age group. Navigation and interactivity are intuitive; and letter awareness, vocabulary, print awareness and dexterity are all supported in a fun way.   As some other reviewers point out, if your little one doesn’t dig construction vehicles, this may not be the app for them, but if they ever exclaim “Look Mama! A digger!” you should definitely check it out.

See other reviews from Famigo and The iPhone Mom.  Scott Adelman has also produced Kids Trucks: Numbers and Counting and Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning. (sic)


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