eBook Review: Ocean Animals

Ocean Animals: Discover Series Picture Book for Children
Xist Publishing
$0.99 on Amazon, or free with Prime

One of my Book Babies moms recommended this eBook to us, and she only has an old school Eink Kindle.  I downloaded it onto our Kindle and had fun looking at a few of the black-and-white versions of these gorgeous photos, but you really don’t get the full effect until you see them in colour.  I switched to the Kindle Fire (the cover was on my bookshelf but needed a second to download to the new device) and had to change the settings from black screen to white screen because the text wasn’t showing up.  This eBook is obviously designed to be read with the device held portrait- if you hold it landscape the text and image are separated onto 2 pages.  So as long as you get the background colour right and hold the device right, this is a awesome eBook for 2 year olds. (things in the ocean = awesome).


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