eBook Review: The Going to Bed Book

The Going to Bed Book
Loud Crow Interactive
$1.99 on iTunes
$3.99 on Amazon, B&N

Sandra Boynton vs eBooks: Sandra Boynton wins!!!!! (That’s a Dinosaur vs Bedtime allusion for any of you out there who didn’t catch it…..)

We have the board book version of this, and we loved it the way it was, but Loud Crow has added about 9 different flavours of awesome to make this eBook a truly fun experience. The animals all wiggle and make cute noises, the background music is soothing and the narrator sounds like a bespectacled, good natured grandpa with a cup of tea steaming on the side table. Taps turn on and off, creating pop-able bubbles or condensation that you can rub off. You can fling an entire drawer full of jammies across the room, pop buttons off the rhino’s shirt, open and close windows, toss towels around,  catapult the animals up the stairs, and make fish jump out of the sea. As exciting as all of this sounds, it’s actually quite a soothing experience.

Check out the YouTube trailer and Touch & Go Review


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