Children’s Books Online: The Rosetta Project

The Rosetta Project (not to be confused with the Rosetta Stone language learning software- that made me think for a minute) doesn’t exactly qualify as a source for eBooks, but it does contain many beautiful, digitized versions of antique children’s books.  This is similar to the original Google Books Library Project which scanned a metric snotload of books from libraries all over the world.

Their books are arranged by age, language (there are translations into many different languages) and area of interest.  There’s also an index and pretty decent search capability.  I tried using this website on my MacBook Pro as well as the Galaxy Tab, but the experience is not really conducive to snuggling with your little one and sharing some old-time literacy fun.  This is more of a resource for those interested in the history of children’s literature, or for someone who is looking for some really cool antique images to print up, frame and put on the nursery wall.  Do take a look though- there is some really beautiful artwork in there.  It is a volunteer-run project and they have some cool t-shirts for sale in their store.


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