eBook Review: The Journey of the Noble Gnarble

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble is an epic tale of a little gnarble realizing his dreams and finding his way to the surface of the ocean in spite of  the dire predictions of naysaying blyfish.  He avoids being eaten by hungry warckel and a silver subbalubble,  but he does get eaten by a plink.  Our brave protagonist uses his gnarble noggin to get himself free, and finally reaches the surface.  On the last page he “flipped above the waves and smiled at the sun.”  There are pterodactyl-type creatures flying above the surface of the waves, and my fatalistic little brain totally expected the gnarble to get gobbled up just as he achieved his goal.

We downloaded this book from B&N and read it on the Nook Color.   There is no interactivity,  but the illustrations are gorgeous and the rhyme is decent.  The audio sounded like someone recorded it on a tape recorder, and the narrator spoke in a  boring monotone.  She gives the blyfish a really horrible English accent.  Read this out loud to your older preschooler for best results.

A nice bit of wisdom from the Noble Gnarble:

The gnarble knew he’d come too close
to quit and give up now
“there must be some way out of here,
there’s got to be somehow!”


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