eArtricle Review: E-Book Lending Lures Readers Back to Libraries

eBook Lending Lures Readers Back to Libraries

How awesome is this?  People are reading MORE.  Not just more eBooks or more print books or more cereal boxes- just MORE.  Nothing but good could come of this.  Unless maybe you’re a publisher.  And you’re using yesterday’s rules to play today’s game. Then you deserve what’s coming to you.

The increased digital demand doesn’t seem to affect the volume of physical book-borrowing. “We still have growing circulation numbers in regular books as well, so it’s like two worlds that run side by side,” said Jim Charette of the Portland Public Library.

In fact, the growing prevalence of tablets and smartphones appears to be drawing people back to reading as a leisure-time activity.

Following the national trend, libraries are harnessing digital technology to the benefit of their patrons. If customers continue to flock to libraries, publishers may be left with no choice but to follow


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