Nook Color

I used my charm and wit to borrow a Nook Color so I could review some books on it.  After using the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Nook Color felt a little clunky.  Scrolling through the B&N store was choppy, and turning pages was slow.  This is an older device, however, and the Nook Tablet is apparently much smoother.  The display changed from portrait to landscape when going from the bookshelf to the book, and can’t toggle back and forth between the two.  Not that this mattered much- that’s how I would have used it anyway, but the other devices I use respond to the way I hold them.  I don’t see why someone would pay $199 for this when they could get the tablet for $249, but I will report back once I’ve actually had a chance to play with the Nook Tablet.


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