eBook Review: Barnyard Dance

Stomp your feet and clap your hands! Everybody ready for a Barnyard Dance!

When Sandra Boynton tells us to stomp and clap, we say HOW LOUD?  We took this eBook for a swing around the pigpen on our brand spanking new Galaxy Nexus.  We chose the “The big guy reads it” option, which is much more fun than the “I want to read it myself” option because it’s sung the whole way through.  If you don’t do your pauses right it can feel awkward. I find this with a lot of Sandra Boynton’s work, but it’s sacrilegious to say such things in public so I keep my big trap shut most of the time.  Trust me- it’s better to have some lightly animated cow read it to you so it’s done right.

Extras included dancing bovines, ungulates and fowl (bowing, spinning, bouncing, walking in a line), interactive foliage, tilt-sensor egg shells and animal sounds galore.  I found the pages a little hard to turn, especially for little fingers.  You have to be very precise with your swiping, and it’s too easy to hit the “do it again” button instead.  At the end of the book there is a deck of cards with covers from other Boynton books, which I assumed would take me to the Market so I could purchase them too, but that was not the case.  Take my money, darnit!

You can see a trailer of this eBook here.


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