eBook Review: Mud Puddle

Title: Mud Puddle
Author: Robert Munsch
Illustrator: Sami Suomalainen
Narrator: Robert Munsch
Publisher: Annick Press
Provider: TumbleBooks
Age: K-3

Robert Munsch is a multi-talented fellow.  He writes funny books that keep both little monsters and little mamas entertained, and then he narrates said books with aplomb.  This book is about a little girl who gets dressed in her nice clean clothes and plays innocently in her backyard.  A  mud puddle jumps on her head numerous times, and excessive bathing and dressing ensue until Jule Ann puts the smack down on the mud puddle with 2 bars of stinky yellow soap.  Munsch’s bathtime sound effects are hilarious.  I will use them the next time a mud puddle jumps on Little J and I need to scrub him down. 

I tried the word search game that’s included with this TumbleBook, and I was really disappointed.  You are given a sentence from the book and asked to fill in the word, and if the word you type is incorrect it says something like “You’re an idiot!  Do you want to try again?” and your answer, of course, is “No, I don’t want to try again, I want to cry.”  I think Tumblebooks is trying to get on board the interactivity wagon but hasn’t quite gotten there yet.


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