Google Books Flop

For the first time today we tried to access some eBooks on my LG Optimus S. I Shelled out 99 cents to purchase the Complete Works of Beatrix Potter via Google Books only to find that none of the illustrations were included.  No good for 2 year olds who want to see some Tittlemouse.

I also purchased Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon because there were very few other children’s books to choose from.  I was reminded how much I dislike Curious George’s preachiness and post-colonial ickyness.  eBook or paper, some white dude is still “civilizing” a monkey.  And since it was Google Books, it was a digitized copy of a print book, unzoomable, with the original text in place but unreadable on our small screen.  Some pages had the text transcribed, but often the text included did not correspond to the pictures.  Not the sophisticated experience we were hoping for.


Posted on December 14, 2011, in Android, eBook. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. ebook FAIL! Hopefully it won't take long for kids books to catch up with the technology.

  2. There are lots of other sources for kids eBooks out there- I'm on the hunt. We need some GOOD reviews on here!!

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