I don’t read eBooks with my kid! Oh wait! Yes I do!

I had a lovely chance meeting with a good friend of mine and her 4 year old daughter today.  We discussed our use of eBooks with our respective progeny.

“We don’t really use eBooks.  Oh wait! Yes we do! We downloaded this one ages ago.  Here Maryanne, show us how you find Lulu’s Brew!” said Mom.

Maryanne went on to navigate her mom’s iPhone, find the app, start it up, then turn pages to show me how it worked.  They DO read eBooks, they just didn’t think of it that way.

When I asked where she got it and if she paid for it, she had no idea.  It was just like any other app on her phone- something had tickled her fancy and she clicked on it.

Why the disjunct? Is it a matter of nomenclature?  Is “ebook” too narrow?  Too broad? Too jargony?  Do people use this stuff with their kids without knowing that some library nincompoop calls it an eBook?

What IS an eBook?

Hang tight.  I’m gonna figure it out.


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