How do we feel about eBooks?

I posted this question on facebook last night:

What kind of eReader does everyone have? do you do any reading on a multi-purpose device like an iPad, smart phone or jo schmo laptop?

In 21 hours I got 31 responses (and counting), all from people telling me how much they love their eReaders.  Kindles, iPads, iPhones, Sony eReaders, Android phones, Playbook etc.

A few minutes later I posted this:

Does anyone use an eReader (ipad/pod/phone) with kids?

I got a response that said “I read an article that said parents use real books with kids because of the tactile effect.”  

ONE person responded.

When I discussed this with a book-loving friend of mine, she said that eBooks for children sound vaguely unwholesome.  Is this true?

We are very willing to consume eBooks ourselves, and play show and tell with our fancy gadgets, but we shut the party down when little Bobby pokes his head around the corner.  Why?

eBooks for children: a brave new world.  Let’s talk about it!


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